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It's National Hug A Drummer Day, So Let's Make Some Noise!

Posted on October 10, 2016

The anchor, the backbone, the beat behind the band; whatever you decide to call them, drummers are the bond that brings musicians together. So in honour of National Hug a Drummer Day, we’re taking a step back and going upstage to show love to these kick-ass drummer boys, and gal!

So can we get a drum roll please…

Jack Lawless – DNCE

Jack in the back, he’s the bass line behind DNCE. He bangs out beats to help us keep up with those body moves.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Ashton Irwin – 5SoS

Ashton, the drummer in 5 Seconds of Summer has a lot more stamina than that. The Aussie-born drummer plays so hard; he always seems to be drenched in sweat! It’s no wonder he had to chop of his locks!

National Hug A Drummer Day

Chris Crippin – Hedley

As the base of Hedley, Chris never Lose’s Control, despite what the rest of his band gets up to!

National Hug A Drummer Day

Tim Oxford – Arkells

Drums out, tongues out. Tim is the thunder behind the Arkells. Just try and keep up!

National Hug A Drummer Day

Eddie Fisher – One Republic

Drummer and song-writer, Eddie of One Republic LOVES his drums. He frequently shouts out his babies on Instagram. Drumming fanatics, check out what he’s working with.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Connor Brock Stephen – James Barker Band

Connor works hard, and plays even harder. In the wise words of the James Barker Band drummer himself “If yous ain’t drumming this hard, yas shant be drumming a tall”.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Nick Coultas-Clark – Repartee

Between movies, T.V, tea, donuts, and cats, Nick of Repartee always finds time for band practice.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Jeremy Drury – The Strumbellas

Jeremy puts the strum in The Strumbellas. With all that drumming, it’s no wonder he also packs a mean punch!.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Eliza Enman McDaniel – The Beaches

Recently jazzing up her very own drum set, Eliza proves she’s a real tempo tamer in the fierce girl band, The Beaches.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Josh Trager – Sam Roberts Band

Josh of Sam Roberts Band is a drumming pro . Learn a thing or two with one of his many online drumming lessons.

National Hug A Drummer Day

Ba-dum tish. And there ya have it!

Don’t forget to give a drummer a hug and let us know who your fav is in the comments below: