Big Sean Reveals Possible Wedding Date + More In "Halfway Off The Balcony" Music Video

You’re not gonna believe how much Big Sean revealed to the world in his latest music video for “Halfway Off The Balcony.” We, like most, were enjoying this music video like any other – with it’s stunning visuals and catchy hook. It wasn’t until we decided to make a couple gifs, that the truth presented itself to us and we had the biggest Sherlock Holmes moment ever. Here, check this out.

Now you may be thinking, “so what, that’s just Big Sean‘s lyric journal, or something along those lines,” but in fact you’re wrong!! Upon blowing up our screen to get a better look, it’s actually revealed that Big Sean was plotting out his life with a series of moments that had already come to pass, and goals h’s hoping to accomplish in the future. Drawn out in a style that shows us where he’s been and where he’s headed. Let’s get a closer look: Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.59.37 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.00.09 PM Now let’s dive into what he’s written, starting at the top left of the page. Born March 25, 1988 First Rap c. 1999 High School Prom c. 2003 First Time I Got Cheated On 2003 Grad ’06 There’s a bit of a slip in the timeline here and we go back just a year. First Time I Got High c. 05 Rap For KANYE c. ’05 But now we’re back on track! Sign To GOOD Music c. 2008 Didn’t Follow My Heart c. 2013 This of course in reference to being previously engaged to Naya Rivera Grandma Died c. 2014 MTV Video Award, Social Message c. 2015 This was won for his collab with Kanye West and John Legend on “One Man Can Change The World.” And here’s where the fun begins! These next points in his journal appear to be goals he hopes to achieve in the coming future. 2x Grammy c. 2019 Looks like we’re gonna get some more FIRE Big Sean tunes coming in the near future! Can’t wait for #GRAMMYs 2019! Gets Married c. 2021 So exciting! Jhene Aiko must be just as excited, right?! First Child c. 2023 Imagine a Little Sean in the world?! So cute. And then the last arrow points to The Unknown Take at the video yourself below!

Big Sean – “Halfway Off The Balcony

You should also check out his performance of “HOTB” on The Tonight Show! It’s so good live.

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