Meet: Billie Eilish, A Gift to Pop Music

Billie Eilish is only 14 years old, yet the elegance of her vocals could fool you.

Based in Los Angeles, Billie started to sing in a children’s choir at the age of 8. She revealed that she sang so often, her family had to shush her; which led to song writing.

This might then surprise you to know that her current hit “Ocean Eyes” was actually written by her brother, Finneas.

“He came into my room in October of last year to tell me he had this song called “Ocean Eyes.” He’d been doing it with his band before, but of course I’d heard it because I was right next door. I sang it, and we both loved it. It’s just a beautiful song, and Finneas is an amazing writer. I loved it and I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks.” Vogue


^ Yes her brother is still involved in her music!

We normally see songs used as backtracks for dance routine. AKA existing songs inspire dance moves.

Billie turned this format entirely around. Her hit “Ocean Eyes” was originally created for a specific dance routine. The contemporary dance coming first and acting as inspiration to the music production. What a cool process!

The song was uploaded online, and soon took on a life of it’s own. Without any help from anyone, no label, no promo, no team, “Ocean Eyes” went viral. 20 million streams later and Billie Eilish is now being noted as pop music’s next big thing!

“I was at Starbucks one time, and Finneas called, like, “Dude! Our song got 1,000 plays. We made it.” We were just so over the moon about it getting 1,000 plays. We were like, that’s it. We’ve reached our goal. We thought we were bosses. And then it just kept going. And then Hillydilly found it . . . I didn’t realize how big it was getting until it had reached 50,000 plays. I haven’t really processed it. It’s just hard because it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it’s rare.”Vogue


Love her break out hit? Check out the latest release, “Bellyache.” We’ve been blasting it all afternoon:

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