8 Artists Who Either Proved They Were Canadian OR Loved Canada

Of course, we’ve got our Canadian artists which show their home country pride, butttt, we’ve got some international artists who have shown Canada some love as well. ❤️️

Check out our favourite #CanadianMoments: 

1. When Drake Said We’re “Canada Strong”

Drake won BIG at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, which meant he was up on stage multiple times, giving acceptance speeches. When he accepted the award for Top Male Artist, he gave a shoutout to all of the Canadian artists in the category. 😍

Watch his whole speech here: 

2. When Shawn Hook Wore Canada Goose

He’s Canadian, so should we expect anything else? 😂 While on a tour bus last winter, Shawn Hook was seen sporting a Canada Goose jacket – we hope it kept him warm 😏


3. When Troye Sivan Held Up A Canadian Flag

Although not Canadian, Troye Sivan was quick to show us his love for our country when he not only held up a Canadian flag BUT did so with the CN Tower in the background – ohhh yeahhh! 😎


4. When Jazz Cartier Wore Roots

Andddd what’s the most common brand of sweatshirts known to Canadians? Roots, of course. That’s why, it’s no surprise to see our very own Jazz Cartier sporting his own Roots sweatshirt!


5. When Justin Bieber Watched a Maple Leafs Game

During this year’s NHL Playoffs Season, Justin Bieber himself was spotted cheering on his favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, with pride, alongside his baby bro, Jaxon. PS – have we mentioned how much we love this brotherly love? 😍


6. When Lorde Wore A Canadian Tuxedo

We were just as shocked (yet excited!) when we spotted Lorde wearing a full on Canadian tuxedo during her performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards! Of course, she killed her performance, and we definitely fell in love with her outfit too 😉

7. When Shawn Mendes Was Stuck in Toronto Traffic

What’s new? The city of Toronto is filled with traffic, and even the biggest of stars cannot escape it. Canadian pop artist, Shawn Mendes, took to Instagram to share with fans, a picture of the view from his car seat in downtown TO.


8. When Imagine Dragons Held Up A Canadian Flag During Their MMVAs Performance

Another international artist holding up a Canadian flag!! 🙌 Nearing the end of their performance at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs, Imagine Dragons front man Dan pulled out a Canadian flag which he started waving around the stage…we loveee!

What are your favourite moments demonstrating love for Canada from your fave artists? Make sure to comment/react below or tweet us @umusic..maybe we’ll include them in a future post! 😉 

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