Get The Look: Alx Veliz

Hold up! Have you heard Alx Veliz‘s killerrrr Latin track? We are feelin’ it. As in, whenever the track comes on, all we want to do is dance…feeling 👏  it👏  The beauty of the track? “Duele” has been released as both a Spanish and English version. Take your pick & get grooving! 💃

Alx Veliz – “Duele”

Alx Veliz – “Hurts Me To Love You”

Not only does Alx make us want to dance, but, he has a look that makes us simultaneously swoon & want to go shopping all at once. Well, we’re making the shopping bit entirely possible for you 😉  Scroll down & see how you an easily cop the following look:  

Alx Veliz sitting on steps - get the look

Superslim Fit T-Sirt – C$9.99 (Zara

Superslim fit t-shirt from Zara for Alx Veliz Get The Look

Biker Jeans – C$49.99 (H&M)

Black biker jeans for Alx Veliz Get The Look

Biker Jacket – C$79.99 (H&M)

black biker jacket for Alx Veliz Get The Look

Men’s Superstar Shoes – C$100 (Adidas)

 Black and white superstar men Adidas shoes for Alx Veliz Get The Look

Lion Head Pendant – C$14.99 (Amazon)

gold lion pendant necklace for Alx Veliz get the look 

Refined Round Sunglasses – C$22.00 (Urban Outfitters) — Make sure you strategically hold these in your hands when you take the pic 😉

Refined round sunglasses urban outfitters get the look Alx Veliz

Don’t forget the watch!

 Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch – C$5.99 (Amazon)

gold stainless steel watch Alx Veliz get the look

What do you think of Alx Veliz‘s outfit? Let us know by commenting/reacting below, or by tweeting us, @umusic! 🙂 

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