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Your Favourite Artists & Their Starbucks Orders

But first, Starbucks!

Ever wonder what your fave artist’s order at Starbucks? Is their order complicated? Do we have the same order? Well, lets find out! 

Shawn Mendes

Iced Green Tea // Caramel Iced Coffee

Shawn Mendes - Starbucks Order - Blog

Demi Lovato

Iced Coffee – 2 Pumps Classic Syrup

Demi Lovato - Starbucks Order - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of DailyMail

Ariana Grande

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino  // Soy Latte

Ariana Grande - Artists & Starbucks - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of The Inquisitr

Katy Perry

Vanilla Soy Latte // Iced Green Tea

 Katy Perry - Starbucks Order - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Zimbio

Taylor Swift

Caramel Latte – 2 Sweet n’ Lows // Vanilla Latte

Taylor Swift - Starbucks Order - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Jolt24

What’s your usual Starbs order? And are any of these your everyday fix? Let us know in the comments! 

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