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THE LAUNCH Week 2 Recap: What Happened, Who Won & Hear The Latest Single

Here’s the complete The Launch rundown.

With a ton of other musical reality shows out there, The Launch is like no other. It’s a six-part series with superstar judges and mentors like Shania Twain, Alessia Cara, Julia Michaels, music mogul Scott Borchetta and more. The biggest differences with this series is that there is a brand new winner every single week and that winner releases their single that exact night. 

Crazy, right? Talk about instant gratification. So, now let’s get to know our winners a little better.

Week 1: Logan Staats

After seeing three super talented acts, The Revel Boys, Vivian Hicks and Logan Staats, compete for the chance to record the winning single “The Lucky Ones”, it was Logan that was named The Launch‘s first ever winner.

Photo: Logan Staats
Photo Courtesy of Logan Staats | Instagram

Logan Staats has been doing music since his teens and his passion and experience shine through when he performs. He was born on the Six Nations Reserve, but later moved to the small town of Brantford, Ontario where he began his quest into the music scene.

With a gritty, soulful voice not quite like anyone else, he knows exactly who he is and it shows in his unique sound. His drive to be successful in the music biz has not only landed him his spot on The Launch, but also on stage with acts like Mumford and Sons.

We can’t wait to see what comes next from Logan, but for now we’ll be enjoying his amazing rendition of “The Lucky Ones”.  Check it out: 

Watch Logan’s performance below: 


Week 2: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine 

Winning The Launch wasn’t something that just fell into the laps of Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. After pouring hours and hours into their music, it’s now all paying off. With Elijah composing their music and Jamie laying down her super soulful vocals, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Photo: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine The Launch
Photo courtesy of @ewxjf | Instagram

The pair began to work together after Elijah heard Jamie’s voice on a song a friend had recorded and was impressed. It didn’t take long for them to team up – four days later, Elijah and Jamie were working together in Elijah’s studio. The rest is history! 

“Ain’t Easy” is officially stuck in our heads. After you listen to it, it’ll be stuck in yours too. Listen here.

Watch Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine’s performance & prepare to be blown away:


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