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10 Things We Really, Really Want From Nicki Minaj’s New Album

Posted on April 25, 2018

The self-proclaimed Queen of Rap is in full-on album mode.

Nothing can stop Nicki Minaj when she steps up to the mic. Whether its spitting bars on her own tracks or knocking a guest verse out of the park, she always makes her presence known and commands your attention.

Nicki Minaj’s last album, The Pinkprint, came in 2014. To say fans are excited for a new project is an understatement:

Ms. Minaj has let go of two tracks this year: “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz”. While neither song has been confirmed to be a part of an album, Nicki has said that her upcoming SNL performance will include “Track 1” of a new album… but what could it be? With no title or cover art, we’re trying to piece together the puzzle. Here’s 10 things we want from Nicki Minaj’s next album:1. Girl power

1. Girl power

The Pinkprint cemented Nicki’s status in the rap game, and we loved that she brought her girls along for the ride. Collaborations with Beyonce, Jessie Ware, Skylar Grey and Ariana Grande proved to be highlights, and can’t wait to see who she’ll team up with next.

2. Young Money militia

Last year’s surprise release of “No Frauds” with Young Money labelmates Drake and Lil Wayne got us hyped to hear these three on a track again. When the trio joined forces for “Only” and “Truffle Butter” on the Pinkprint, the results were electric. Please Nicki–bring your best buds on board once more!

3. Nicki goes hard

Both “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz” have proven that Nicki’s rap game is still top-notch.

“Ayo, look like I’m goin’ for a swim
Dunk on ’em, now I’m swingin’ off the rim
Bitch ain’t comin’ off the bench
While I’m comin’ off the court fully drenched”

When Nicki goes in on a verse, nothing can take our attention away. Here’s to hoping she’s got bars for days on the next album.

4. …With a touch of her sensitive side

Not many can claim both rapping and singing as talents, but Nicki Minaj isn’t just anyone. Her R&B skills were flexed to the next level on tracks like “I Lied” and “All Things Go”, revealing a much more personal side.

We felt closer to Nicki than ever before thanks to her introspection. Will NM4 contain more diary entries and insight into her life? We’re crossing our fingers.

5. A duet with her idol

When Nicki Minaj met Lauryn Hill, she broke down in tears. “I’m in love with you—your spirit, your mind, everything about you,” Nicki said. It would mean EVERYTHING to have two of the all-time greats connect on a track. Big dreams, but just think of the big results.

6. The ultimate break-up anthem

Since the release of The Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj’s high-profile romance with Meek Mill fizzled out. We’ve all been there when it comes to hurting hard from heartbreak, so perhaps Minaj channelled that energy into a positive, productive studio session.

7. More Trinidad influences

Nicki Minaj’s Trinidadian background has always played a huge role in her music: from “Trini Dem Girls” with Lunchmoney Lewis to the Trinidad & Tobago parade setting of her “Pound the Alarm video”, the rapper finds comfort in the vibrant culture and has played a massive role in some of her best work yet.

Nicki never forgets her roots, so we know she’ll incorporate some Caribbean vibes into future releases.

8. Something to fill the dancefloor

While Nicki’s best rap verses are perfect for window-down, bass-booming car rides, she’s fully capable of packing a dancefloor too.

Chart-topping anthems like “Starships” and David Guetta collab “Turn Me On” have soundtracked some of our wildest nights, so whose to say Nicki Minaj won’t turn in a repeat club banger?

9. The revival of Roman

Some of Nicki Minaj’s most attention-catching moments have been as her alter ego, Roman, which didn’t appear on The Pinkprint. So where did he go?

The character absolutely ripped apart tracks like “Roman’s Revenge” and “Roman Holiday”, so maybe he’ll rise again to remind listeners what he’s capable of.

10. Something to always remember 2018 by

It’s no secret “Super Bass” was the song of 2011, playing from every ice cream truck, beach party, passing car… you couldn’t escape it. Some of our strongest memories are tied to music, and Nicki’s biggest hits are no different.

So what else can Nicki drop that will instantly take us back to this current moment? We know the girl has some tricks up her sleeve, and whenever she’s ready to reveal her surprises, we’ll be ready too.

What are you most excited about Nicki Minaj’s new album? Let us know over on Twitter @umusic.