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The Funniest Tweets Ever Tweeted ALL By Your Faves

Posted on September 26, 2018

The Golden Tweets.

Turns out not only do our faves have musical talent, but they probably could have made it big as comedians as well. Whether they’re finding the comic relief in things that happen to them, pondering life’s little mysteries or just cracking cringey jokes, they’re literally hilarious.

Here are the 10 tweets that are guaranteed to make you laugh:

Doubting that 2018 Kim K would ever recognise this version of herself.

When Justin Bieber had questions. 

The time Katy Perry refused to follow Starbucks guidelines.

And when Troye Sivan couldn’t even when he tried.

When Lorde basically made herself into a meme.

The time Halsey really couldn’t be bothered to take a trip to Victoria’s Secret.

When Post Malone joked about his own name.

When Niall Horan bared the whole truth.

When Nick Jonas was relatable af.


That time when Lady Gaga showed no mercy.

When Liam Payne shared his parenting struggles.

When Shawn Mendes wouldn’t put up with his sister’s shenanigans. 

When Alessia Cara pondered life’s most important questions. 


What’s your fave tweet off this list? Not here? Send us other hilarious ones over @umusic.