If only we could see into the mind of Katy Perry at all times. She just dropped her music video for her latest track, “Chained To The Rhythm” and it’s a thrill … ride to watch! :) The video itself takes place at a futuristic, utopia-styled theme park called Oblivia. Filled with colourful costumes and attractions, this is a music video that we could watch over and over again, and see something new every time! See for yourself:

Katy Perry – “Chained To The Rhythm

It’s like the perfect combination of Spy Kids 2 and Dr. Suess’ Whoville.

That Skip Marley feature was pretty awesome too! When he steps out of the tv and Katy “wake’s up” and is aware of what’s going on around her. Stay woke Katy, stay woke.

Leading up to the release of the vid, Katy teased us with these adorable animations on her insta:


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So what did you think of the vid? Would you go to that theme park? Let us know in the comments below!


The Summer Queen is back with new music to make you fall in love! Lana Del Rey surprise-dropped her latest single, “Love” on Saturday Feb. 18th along with the accompanying music video on Monday Feb. 20th! It was a wild weekend in deed with Lana’s track spinning on heavy repeat. The lyrics, the mood, and practically everything else in between screamed classic Lana Del Rey!

She teased the release on her insta, and got the world excited.

To begin with…all you need is 'Love' https://lana.lnk.to/LOVE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P9zYSBK7Blw

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Have a listen to the song for yourself:

Are you in love with “Love” or what?! LOL

Even the music video stays true to the Lana style we’ve all come to know. Filled with flowers in her hair, space vibes, and free spirited teens, this is one video we can watch on the daily. Check it out:

Lana Del Rey – “Love

It’s like she’s going back to her roots. This is the Lana we fell in love with so many years ago. Let us know what you think about the new track in the comments below.

Alex Aiono - Work The Middle

Get out your gym shoes cause it’s about to get sweaty up in here. Youtube sensation, Alex Aiono, has just dropped a music video for his debut single, “Work The Middle.” It all goes down in a steamy gym with Alex practicing his boxing moves. He also gets a bit of help from some FIT looking women.

Sweaty Alex is not what we’re typically used to seeing. Sexy Alex on the other hand happens every day. The music video actually starts out like most of his original youtube video, catching us off guard when it suddenly switches to him in a dimly lit gym. Good fake out there! LOL

Now what are you waiting for? Check out the HOT music vid below!

Alex Aiono – “Work The Middle

Not only did Alex drop his debut music vid, but he also celebrated his 21st birthday! He took to twitter to share his excitement.

And it’s a fine signature, Alex! Happy Birthday bae! <3 Wish Alex a Happy Birthday in the comments below.


Happy 27th bday Abel. In celebration of the big day, The Weeknd just dropped one of the most star-studded music videos in the game.

happy birthday to XO. Here's a little gift. "Reminder" music video… link in bio

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Bringing out more than just his XO crew, get ready to see cameos from some of our fave rappers. Let’s begin the list:

Bryson Tiller
Travis Scott
French Montana
ASAP Rocky

He even had his new artist signed to XO, NAV make an appearance in the vid.

Check it out:

The Weeknd – “Reminder”

So what did y’all think? Let us know in the comments when you see each artist!


Maroon 5 dropped new material just yesterday and today we are blessed with a music video for their track “Cold“!

You guys, it’s seriously trippy.

There’s an underground wedding.


Leviated police cars.

These repeating -and might we add CREEPY AF- wolf masks.

And this fish/human thing.

This is totally our screensaver now, NBD.

AND not to miss but Adam Levine’s GORGEOUS wife Behati is also featured in the video.

While Adam was on Ellen today, he talked about the band’s upcoming music and the music video:

“I’ll only make a video that’s sexy if my wife’s on board with whatever we’re doing and literally I have to go to a party -reluctantly- and then I have to get drugged…somehow. That’s the only way I would ever stay at this party. So that’s the video: me getting drugged at a party and not knowing what someone slipped in my drink.”

Interesting approach, Adam!

To be fair, at one point even Adam had no words to describe the creative approach to the music video.

I’m not sure how to explain this insanity…

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Check out the video below and tweet us your thoughts @umusic!

Maroon 5 – “Cold