Get The Look: July Talk

Are you Picturing Love? Well, we’re picturing how much you’ll love this next look! That’s right, in this edition of Get The Look, we’re taking inspiration from some of our fave rockers, July Talk. These folks know how to dress it up or dress it down, but always look like a million bucks. How do they do it?! It’s all about attitude. But style does help, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Here’s what we’re going for:

July Talk: Get The Look


Long Sleeved Blouse – $24.99 (H&M)


Modern Chic Ankle Slim Pant – $62.93 (RW & Co.)


Solid Modern Chic Blazer – $104.93 (RW & Co.)


Truffle Stretch Glitter Ankle Boot – $25.00 (ASOS)


Enjoy looking like the BEAUTIFUL Leah! *wink* *wink* *wink*


Brown Stripe Dress Shirt – $47.55 (Macy’s)


Sateen Slim Fit Blazer – $189.95 (Le Chateau)


Sateen Slim Leg Pant – $89.95 (Le Chateau)


Italian-Made Perforated Leather Oxford – $180.00 (Le Chateau)


Are you feeling bougie yet?! Cause after putting these threads on and looking like Peter, you’ll be the sharpest looking person at the party.

But there you have it y’all! Let us know what you think by giving us a shout on twitter @umusic.

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July Talk – Touch

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