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07 December 2018 (Toronto, ON) — Toronto-bred singer/songwriter Blaise Moore has shared her sophomore EP, Temporary Her. Released today via Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, and available at all digital retailers, Temporary Her showcases Moore’s sensually charged and sharply confessional breed of R&B.


Listen to Temporary Her by Blaise Moore


The follow-up to Moore’s 2017 debut Laurence, Temporary Her features the previously released singles “Grips” and “Feel It All Every Time.” Throughout the EP, Moore mines influence from trip-hop and trap, infusing each moody slow-burner with real-life storytelling.


“This project is about a relationship I had, and the trials and tribulations we had in this relationship regarding sex,” says Moore. “I was with this boy and had introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle, not knowing if it would take. It turned out that he loved it, but it terrified him. It turned him on, but he knew sadism and masochism were wrong, so did that make him a bad person? Eventually he gave in to it fully, but once we broke up he was lost. He was trying to find me in other girls, but it was never the same. He would go as far pretending they were me in bed, doing what we used to do, introduced the BDSM lifestyle to them but it never worked. They were all temporary me’s, thus — Temporary Her.”


Track listing for Temporary Her by Blaise Moore:


  1. Godless
  2. Grips
  3. Hesitant
  4. Feel It All Every Time
  5. Disposable


About Blaise Moore:


Born in Toronto, Moore spent some of her childhood in New Zealand and began creating music in high school (partly by skipping class and sneaking into the music room to teach herself piano). In 2016 she put out an EP titled London, then added two songs and re-released the EP as Laurence after signing with Interscope. A detailed play-by-play of a passionate love affair and its dissolution, Laurence features the acclaimed lead single “Friends” (hailed by Billboard as “knotty, winding and hypnotically detached”). In the track’s much-talked-about video, Moore shared actual text messages from her ex, brilliantly transforming heartbreak into a tool for self-empowerment. Soon after making her Interscope debut, Moore headed out on a North American tour opening for The Japanese House. So far in 2018 she’s performed with Daniel Caesar, Hoodie Allen, and Khalid.


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