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“Boslen is on a clear cut path for international stardom.” - Lyrical Lemonade


05 MARCH 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Today, versatile Vancouver up-and-comer Boslen introduces an emotional, punk-pop side of his sound on the Tyla Yaweh-featuring “DENY,” out now. Listen HERE. “DENY” is the second single from Boslen’s forthcoming debut album DUSK to DAWN, following the woozy R&B of TRIP.” This new track finds Boslen taking a somber look at the sacrifices he’s made to achieve success.


Boslen has cultivated a reputation for blurring genres and “DENY” follows in that tradition, employing a whole host of new styles. He adopts the clean guitar of emo-rap and pop-punk, spinning the sound to suit his slithery take on R&B. Over this soundtrack, Boslen reflects on his journey so far, weighing the triumphs with the inevitable disappointments that artists rarely touch on. “How did I go wrong?” he croons. “You was on the run, I was left by myself.”


“This is probably the most important song I’ve ever made,” he says. “It is the only song I’ve ever made that right when I made it I started crying. It felt like a weight off of my chest, like I finally acknowledged the fact that what I wanted the most at one point in my life was the worst thing for it.”


Tyla Yaweh adds texture to the track, singing about red-eye flights and how hard it is to work amid heartbreak. “I wanted Tyla on ‘DENY’ because I’m a huge fan of his music,” Boslen says. “I felt like he knows what it’s like―what this song is really about. As a listener, I connected with his music and I believed this. When he recorded his verse it really fit with the story I was trying to tell.”


DUSK to DAWN will be Boslen’s first project since 2019’s Black Lotus EP, which peaked at #11 on the Canadian Apple Music streaming charts. He’s been hard at work since, releasing a slew of singles in 2020, including “Hidden Nights,” “Lightspeed,” and “My Ways,” which showed just how much he’s been refining his style and expanding his scope. This new album is poised to accelerate his eclectic sound even further, moving fluidly from genre to genre while orbiting Boslen’s Swiss-Army-knife delivery. With a vision this focused, and hits like “TRIP” and “DENY” in the bag, Boslen has already proven himself worth following. Each release offers something brand new.


Download hi-res press shot here (photo credit: Cameron Corrado)




Boslen is a 22-year-old trailblazing genre-bending artist of Jamaican and Indigenous Canadian descent based in Vancouver. Sonically he fuses hip-hop, rock, pop and everything else under sun to craft his emotive rap ballads and bouncing trap bangers. He’s a sound architect meticulously taking part in the production of all his tracks. He released his first mixtape, Motionless, in 2018 and followed up with the sequel Motionless II, later that year. He began to gain popularity following the release of single “Eye for an Eye”, which cemented his spot in the conversation for the future of Vancouver’s sound. In July of 2019, Boslen released “Hidden Nights”, which gained traction after receiving support from popular YouTube channel and entertainment company, the Nelk Boys. He went on to release his Black Lotus EP, which peaked at #11 on the Canadian Apple Music streaming charts. His momentum carried over into 2020, with the release of “VULTURES”, clapping back at those who were taking advantage of him. Boslen has been actively pushing himself creatively and is becoming known for his self-reflective lyricism, and his ability to seamlessly flow over pop, hip-hop, R&B and alternative production. On the horizon, Boslen will be releasing his debut album DUSK to DAWN.



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