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Posted on September 20, 2018

FINISH THE LYRICS: Kris Wu’s “Freedom” Feat. Jhené Aiko

“I need freedom, freedom, freedom…”

With a brand new song out, it was about time we tested Kris Wu’s fans to see just how well they know “Freedom” featuring Jhené Aiko. By now, we’d expect every lyric to be memorised and for you guys to be singing it word for word in the car, shower, walk to work or school – basically everywhere. But we won’t take your word for it, it’s time for a game of Finish The Lyrics to prove it! So without further adieu, it’s time to quiz yourself.

  • You could have been ______ but you're here with me

    • anywhere in the world
    • avoiding me
    • having some tea
    • lost at sea
  • She wanna hang with her friends ___________

    • all the time
    • and have fun
    • at the movies
    • on the weekend
  • She gonna lie to you about her _____ but you'll be with me

    • texts
    • boyfriend
    • whereabouts
    • friends
  • I had a ____ talking and she told me she want a little freedom

    • pillow
    • lot
    • friend
    • sleep
  • And the ______ got me going

    • engine
    • headache
    • love
    • feelings
  • Cause you know I got the ____

    • money
    • time
    • dough
    • love
  • You can let your _____ flow

    • feelings
    • time
    • love
    • hair
  • Heart on my sleeve but its ________

    • broken
    • still hidden
    • not yours
    • all black
  • I can be your ______

    • lover
    • Romeo
    • soulmate
    • best friend
  • I just need my ______

    • friends
    • boo
    • space
    • bae
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