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Posted on June 01, 2018

“Give Yourself a Try” & Finish The Lyrics To The 1975’s Brand New Song

“You learn a couple things…”

The 1975 just released “Give Yourself a Try” and after having waited so long for new music from the band, we are loving the song. The single is the first taste of the band’s upcoming album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and listening to it has got us beyond pumped for what’s to come.


Think you know all the words to “Give Yourself a Try”? Prove it by taking the quiz!


  • "You learn a couple things when you get to ______"

    • twenty-six
    • twenty-nine
    • my age
  • "She was a kid who had the _____ tattooed on her arm"

    • bird
    • box
    • balloon
  • "When your vinyl and your _______ collection is a sign of the times"

    • coffee
    • cassette
    • CD
  • "You're getting spiritually _______ at 29"

    • older
    • heightened
    • enlightened
  • "And I was 25 and ______ to go outside"

    • anxious
    • afraid
    • scared
  • "And what would you say to your _______ self?"

    • younger
    • older
    • newer
  • "Growing _______ quite hard"

    • a beard's
    • up's
    • older's
  • "And _______ never starts to taste nice"

    • scotch
    • rum
    • whiskey
  • "Like context in a modern _______ I just took it out"

    • age
    • debate
    • world
  • Like friends don't lie and it all _______ the same in the dark"

    • looks
    • feels
    • tastes
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