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Justin Bieber Supports Fellow Canadian Artist Shawn Mendes

Posted on September 18, 2015

During an interview with New York’s 95.5 PLJ earlier this week, Justin Bieber surprised everyone when admitting that he had no idea who Shawn Mendes was. After noticing the interviwers shock, Bieber quickly added “But I will check him out, for sure.”

Mendes addressed the comment in an interview with BBC Radio 1 – stating the two have never met, despite the fact that “he’s definitely a fan of him” & that he’s looked up to Bieber for a while.

And now in *perfect* Canadian fashion, Bieber stuck to his word. No only did he show that he listened to Mendes’ music, but showed real support. Moral of the story? Canadians 100% do it better.

We can’t wait to watch this friendship bloom!