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Justin Bieber 'Purpose' Album Review, Track-by-Track

Posted on November 13, 2015

Who said Friday the 13th is bad luck? Since the clock struck 12, our day has been going better than most – largely thanks to Justin Bieber and his outstanding delivery on Purpose.

After releasing three mega hits consecutively this year with “Where Are U Now,” “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry,” we expected nothing less than exceptional from his fourth studio album, and we were certainly right. In fact, after one listen to Purpose, it’s hard to see how Justin and his team decided which tracks were going to be released as singles; every track pretty well feels like a hit. Aside from Justin having impressively co-written every track on Purpose, the album undoubtedly marks his growth and new sound.

“Mark My Words”

Serves as an intro to the album and gives a truthful prelude into its overall sound: the perfect mix of both up-beat and mellow tracks with striking production and songwriting.

“I’ll Show You”

Marked by Skrillex’s deep bass rolls, the track bounces back and forth on gentler waves of his typical production sound.

“What Do You Mean?”

Most of you are familiar with the catchy debut single off the album, but to put it shortly: down-tempo with hints of dark electro-pop.


The second single off Purpose, it’s almost impossible not to get completely hooked after one listen to the honest lyrics on this tropical house track. If you haven’t heard Justin perform its acoustic version, we highly recommend you do so.

“Love Yourself”

One of our absolute favourites. Electric-guitar driven, mellow and calm, yet uplifting, this track shines a spotlight on both Justin’s voice and outstanding song lyrics.


Produced by Axident, the track reflects a mellow, calm yet sparkly mood, bringing back feelings of previous Bieber tracks from Journals.

“No Pressure” Feat. Big Sean

Perhaps pointing to inspiration from The Weeknd, the hook on this track is extremely catchy and almost impossible to get out of your head. Our favourite lyric on Big Sean’s verse: “In the bed together but we sleepin’ solo / Hectic, drive you loco / You supposed to me my uno, Yoko / Oh no”

“No Sense” Feat. Travis Scott

Justin Bieber’s flow on this track is unlike any other. A must-listen for hip-hop fans, Travis Scott’s trap influence is obvious and we love it.

“The Feeling” Feat. Halsey

A dark and woozy duet with the very talented Halsey, the track touches on questioning the overwhelming and emotional rush of falling in love. Put very simply, it is a definite banger.

“Life Is Worth Living”

Proving that Purpose is anything but one-dimensional, this track is probably one of Justin’s most honest songs on the album.

“Where Are U Now” with Skrillex and Diplo

Originally released on Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U, it only made sense that the massive summer hit would be featured on Purpose as it marked the first step in musical direction shift for Justin.

The two final tracks of the album “Children” and “Purpose” reflect a dark and deep feel with extremely stripped and honest lyrics.

If you’ve got the Deluxe edition, “Been You” sets the mood back up – you can’t help but bob your head to its sweet mix of sounds.

“Get Used To It”

This track truly reflects how unafraid Bieber is to reinvent himself. The track marks a crossroads between up-beat and down-tempo sounds.

“We Are” Feat. Nas

Again, for those hip-hop fans who enjoy heavy background looping, “We Are” is certainly for you. Its powerful intro and catchy hook paired with Nas’ verse make this a one-of-a-kind track.


We can’t help but think of Drake influences in this track; marked by sharp production sounds and switches in flow.

“All In It”

The final track of the album ends with a striking final line: “God is perfect and he never disappoints, so I just get my recognition from Him and give Him my recognition.”


Beautiful production, songwriting and overall delivery, Justin. Have a listen (or ten) to the album now:

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