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Jack Johnson’s "Seasick Dream" Will Have You Beach-Dreaming

Posted on December 01, 2015

I’ve known John since he was a baby. The amount of soul that he is able to put into such high performance surfing is mind blowing. I’m always trying to give him uncle advice about everything besides surfing but he seems to have it pretty figured out. He’s good at improvising both in and out of the water. It was an honor for me to get to make a song for his movie.” – Jack Johnson jack johnson, john florence, view from a blue moon, surf For those of you who aren’t familiar with John Florence, the 23 year old grew up in Oahu, Hawaii, where he became a surfing prodigy; he went on to win two impressive World Championship Tour events. Officially released today, John’s film, capturing his impressive talents and success story, View From a Blue Moon, follows John and his friends surfing around the world, from Oahu to Africa. Here’s what’s really exciting: View marks the very first surf film shot in 4K resolution – and if we do say so ourselves, just by watching the 3 minute preview, we are extremely impressed. Saying the visuals are striking would be an understatement “I wanted to do a highly cinematic action-sports film, something shot really well…I’m really into the camera side of things, so a project like this was just really insane.” – John Florence john florence, jack johnson John is a huge music fan; a few of his favourites include Led Zeppelin, the Talking Heads and Black Sabbath. When he was brainstorming of music for the film, he decided to call long-time family friend friend: Jack JohnsonWe both grew up in the same place…Our family is really close to his family. He’s kind of like an uncle to me and my brothers. He’s always given me really good tips on life and how to do things.” – John Florence Initially, Jack was asked to include one of his songs in the film; Jack loved ‘the idea of making one for the movie’ and sent back the result: “Seasick Dream.” “The song plays with a bunch of clips of when I was really young surfing with my brothers, so it worked out insane.” – John Florence jack johnson, john florence, As John’s career reaches new heights, he confessed to Rolling Stone that he looks up to Jack Johnson as a mentor in “how to use his fame for good:”

“Jack is really big where we live — he has the Kōkua Foundation [which supports environmental education in local schools],” says Florence. “He’s really supportive of the whole community — not letting them build big hotels, saving the land. It’s pretty cool to see him setting an example — like ‘Wow, that‘s how you do it.'”

Both View From a Blue Moon and Jack Johnson’s “Seasick Dream” are officially out today. Check out the trailer featuring the dreamy surfing lifestyle visuals and sound. Warning: video likely to cause extreme want to fly to beachside: