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3 Important Takeaways from Grimes' 'Art Angel Documentary'

Posted on December 11, 2015

She has several alter-egos:

“I don’t technically have much control over Claire anymore. You know, she very much exists in pop culture now”

“Grimes, as one person, cannot represent more than a couple ideas. That’s why I started developing some of the other characters – like really abstract from who I am or how I am”

“You can start being an actor and like start adding in more voices and start realizing that… not everything has to fully reflect you – the Art Angels are the face of it”




Her music reflects aggression, largely due to her wanting to have complete control over her art:

“So much of my music is against the people who are trying to take it away from me”

“I guess overall tone is sort of like…I guess aggressive, being the word, or aggressively angry or aggressively stoked; You have to push people and you have to become aggressive or you can’t get your way”

“I don’t want to be the face of this thing that I built; I want to be the person who built it”

working grimes

She’s having a blast being in the driver’s seat:

“It’s the first time that I’ve had the budget or the skill set to actually reference any of the music I actually grew up on.”

“It’s been really fun to just kind of have the world at my finger tips”


Watch the full documentary here: