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VIDEO: Selena Gomez "Hands To Myself"

Posted on January 20, 2016

Last month we got a teaser video of Selena Gomez“Hands To Myself,” and ever since we’ve been curious about the official video! Well, no need to wonder anymore, the video for “Hands To Myself” has arrived and….my goodness!

Selena strips down to bare minimum and sneaks into a (gorgeous) actors LA home, watches all his films , while in his dress shirts! And then, things get a little steamy. We suggest you watch for yourself:

Wondering who the Thor looking, Charlie Hunnam resembling, man is in the video? We did our digging. Let us introduce you to LA-based model, Christopher Mason who’s instagram page we suggest you go and follow. Did we mention he posts lots of selfie with his adorable daughter?

Went outside to take a picture of the sunset, but we were way cuter.

A photo posted by Christopher Mason (@christophermason_) on

Love the song? Listen to Selena Gomez’ full album, Revival right now: