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PREMIERE: The Strumbellas "Spirits" Music Video

Posted on January 28, 2016

“I got guns in my head and they won’t go. Spirits in my head and they won’t go.”

If these lyrics sound familiar, we’ll tell you why: The Strumbellas “Spirits” gets stuck in everyone’s head, for all of the right reasons.

If we were to walk into a room, we’d probably want this to be our entrance song. But then we’d also ask that everyone be clapping along to the beat. Sound like the kind of thing that only happens in a dream…well our reply to that is “I’ll be a dreamer ’til the day I die.” Okay we’ll stop all of our corny “Spirits” references and get to the point. The Strumbellas released an incredibly cool street funeral music video to pair with their addictive single. Pretty sure I’m ready to request that my funeral look like this…too morbid? Just saying! It’s epic.

Watch the “Spirits” video below, which was filmed at Toronto’s St. Aidan’s Anglican Church, directed by Daniel AM Rosenberg:

Wondering where the concept for the video came from?

Here’s what singer/guitarist Simon Ward told Billboard:

The initial concept of the video ‘Spirits’ was from the 1970s James Bond film Live and Let Die. When I was a kid, I remember watching the street style funeral scene in that movie and being blown away! I didn’t know people had celebration-style funerals like that with music and beautiful colors, so I wanted to make a music video with that theme in mind. In terms of the scary characters, I just hoped that we could scare kids a little bit… Not too scary, but I wanted kids to kind of get that feeling I got when I used to watch the old Bond Movies.

Can’t wait til The Strumbellas’ LP, HOPE? Listen to “Spirits” on repeat until April 🙂