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A Full Recap – Grease: Live!

Posted on February 01, 2016

Are we the only ones that lost our voice watching Grease: Live last night? We still aren’t sure if it’s a real thing that happened, or if it was all an elaborate dream we built up.

Jessie J opened the show with a special version of “Grease (Is The Word).” It might have been raining, but the crowd was full and screaming non the less!

My goodness, we were screaming at home we were so excited.


It was revealed in September 2015, that Carly Rae Jepsen would be playing the beloved beauty school drop out, French in Grease: Live. Not long after, we got our first sneak peak:

It’s safe to say we’ve been counting down to the last day of January for a while now! As soon as we saw Carly Rae in her pink costume, our heart’s went pink with excitement.

We are SO ready to see the SASSY Frenchy light up the stage! #GreaseLive cc: @carlyraejepsen

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And then this post happened, and if you’re a fan of the original film, seeing the original Frenchy, Didi Conn together with Carly Rae, you can’t help but hardcore fan girl.

How loud did you scream when Didi was on screen?


No! Not in the original film. In Grease: Live. YES!!! Didi acted in it, IN a scene with Carly Rae. How meta is that?


Didi gave Carly Rae her Frenchy’s original shirt & locket.

Along with the perfect pink hair, we think Carly Rae made her proud.  Carly Rae Jepsen definitely made us proud with her original song “All I need is an Angel.”


And the Grease: Live excitement didn’t stop there. Nope, not even close. Before we knew what was happening. A familiar four faces graced our screens.

It was announced in mid january that DNCE would be joining the cast of Grease: Live. The four took the stage at the Rydell High School dance as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers, and to sum it up in two words: WE DIED. It was perfect. Okay we added an extra three words but seriously, they were born to hand jive.

Did we mention that DNCE did an unreal Greasy version of “Cake By The Ocean,” for Grease: Live specifically. It’s already our new favourite:

THAT WAS FUN! WEST COAST – YOUR TURN! @gogrease #GreaseLive #CakeByTheOcean

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We wish Joe Jonas sang at our high school prom!!!!

Looks like Nick Jonas was watching as well. We love the brotherly support here.

The live musical production, which is by far one of the best we’ve ever seen, also featured High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. Just one day before she was set to take the stage as Rizzo, her father, Greg Hudgens, tragically died from a battle with cancer.

Before the show started, Vanessa tweeted this and our hearts filled:

Demi Lovato showed her support to Vanessa Hudgens as well:

We truly do think her dad would have been beyond proud. Vanessa Hudgens seriously rocked Rizzo — I think everyone can agree on that!



Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for Grease: Live. We knew it was going to be good, but good would be a huge understatement for this live production. For those who know and love Grease, this was a beautiful reincarnation. For those that are only watching it for the first time, we have a feeling it will be a little bit more than iconic.

Loved it as much as we did? The best part is that you can totally keep the music from it forever. Click here to listen & download to Grease: Live! the soundtrack.