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New Album: ANTI, & Some Fun With George Clooney…Looks Like Rihanna's having a FABULOUS Week!

Posted on February 04, 2016

Fact: Rihanna is literally the Queen.

First she surprises fans with the release of her 8th Studio Album, ANTI on January 29, 2016 — and now she’s casually playing Never Have I Ever with GEORGE CLOONEY.

Does that sound like the best week ever, orrrrrrr?

This video is a must watch! Not only do you learn Rihanna’s definition of the popular term “hooking up,” but (spoiler alert), Rihanna also accuses Clooney of sending nude emails! Like who else can just do that? You also have to see what Rihanna tell’s Clooney to stop lying about!

As soon as she said it, this instantly came into our mind…anyone else?

Okay we’ll stop giving away spoilers, and let you watch the video!!

Never Have I Ever with George Clooney and Rihanna

Check out The Queen’s latest album here: