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VIDEO: Sara Hartman’s "Monster Lead Me Home"

Posted on February 05, 2016

You might not be familiar with her name, but we highly recommend you don’t forget it. Sara Hartman who is included on Spotify’s 2016 Spotlight program, has been noticed by Perez Hilton, and has a fan in Chloe Grace Moretz, will be opening up for Ellie Goulding on her upcoming European tour. Unlike the stories we hear of people moving to Hollywood or New York City for their big break, Sara has done the reverse. Born in Long Island – New York, Sara moved to Berlin, where she found inspiration for single “Monsters Lead Me Home.” Today that same single has become Sara’s first ever music video, premiereing on All Things Go. Take a look:

In an interview with Ones to Watch, Sara says that moving to Berlin was “the scariest thing [she’s] ever done.” She continues on that it was that fear that helped her create “Monsters Lead Me Home:” I have the typical “girl with the guitar” approach to songwriting. I want to experience the emotions and feelings before I write about it. “Monster Lead Me Home” in particular is very special because I would get home after studio sessions all day and would want to watch a movie or something that reminded me of home. So I would watch Where The Wild Things Are. In the song, I felt like this scared little kid moving to a new place where everything was new and terrifying but also very exciting. That’s how I felt over there. So I needed something to keep lead me somewhere on my journey so I watched that movie a lot to still feel like I was home even though I wasn’t. While Sara says she felt like a scared little kid, her music is far from immature. “Monster Lead Me Home,” is a powerful pop song that we’ve already got on repeat. This is only the start for Sara Hartman, and we can’t wait to watch her journey unfold. Loop the single for yourself, here: