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Alessia Cara Wows The Crowd at The Roots Jam Session With Her Mature Vocals On Hit Single, "HERE."

Posted on February 18, 2016

We saw this teaser on Alessia Cara‘s Instagram feed, and we were dying to hear more!

thank u @theroots for challenging my little singing ass of tonight. coolest thing ever

A video posted by ALESSIA CARA (@alessiasmusic) on

Well looks like our dreams have come true 🙂 Alessia Cara joined The Roots for their 10th annual Roots Jam Session and we saw some of the amazing things her vocals can do. The Here singer might be petite, but her voice and talent is larger than most rooms she performs in.

AC’s performance, as described by Okay Player, ” was effortless. It was great to see her commanding the stage with such OGs, the crowd eating up every word, cheering her on at every moment.”

Watch the full thing here:

Did we mention Alessia’s vlogging while on her Know-It-All Tour?? The 4th vlog just went up, and it’s awesome.

Love “Here” off her debut album, Know It All? Take a listen to Alessia Cara’s latest single “Wild Things,” right now: