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Multi-Instrumentalist, Jack Garratt's Debut Album "Phase" Is Here!

Posted on February 19, 2016

There’s something so intriguing about a person that’s able to play an instrument, or rock some solid vocals. I think everyone can admit they’ve been infatuated with someone for the simple fact that: they’re a musician. Well say hello to your new musical interest. He’s one-man playing machine — with the ability to play guitar, throw in some sticks, while singing AND loop his music all in the same moment, Jack Garratt is someone you’re going to want to see live.

2016 welcomes Jack Garratt nicely, first with a BRIT Award as the appetizer and then his first full length album, Phase, for the main course. A main course that everyone is excited about!

Talking to Zane Lowe, Garratt acknowledged how high his expectations have been set — having been highlighted as one of the biggest names to watch in 2016, and then winning an award before his full length album was even released into the world.

While he does find it surreal and weird at times, Garratt went on to express that it’s been “a lot of fun,” and that Phase is “essentially every fear and insecurity that [he’s] ever had in [himself] or [he’s] seen other people have in [him] represented as sound. At least that’s the intention.”

Take a listen to debut album from Jack Garratt right now:

And then smile at this awesome tweet that Jack Garratt posted on release day: