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Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" Music Video Gave Us Chills

Posted on February 24, 2016

One of the best things about music is that it’s able to make you feel something. Powerful lyrics are able to heal a lot of wounds; allowing one to go through any situation not alone, but with music by their side.

This is a fact that musicians are entirely aware of, and something you can feel in every inch of Demi Lovato‘s latest music video for “Stone Cold.” The Confident singer tells ET Online, that “this song, a lot of people can relate to. For [her], it was therapy, but [she] also knew that a lot of people could relate to it — so [she] wrote it.” The first few lyrics of the song, and we already have full body chills:

Stone cold, stone cold
You see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor
Stone cold, stone cold
Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore

The strong visual that pairs with the song, shows Demi crying — it’s such a real emotion, and to watch someone else cry…it makes the music even more impactful.

Its clear that Demi puts her heart and soul into every performance, which is why we especially love watching her music videos — where this energy is captured for us to watch numerous times.

Watch the latest music video from Demi Lovato, for “Stone Cold,” right here: