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Shawn Hook Takes The UK

Posted on March 04, 2016

Do you ever wish you could book the next flight to somewhere super cool? Pack a carry on, some headphones & just get lost in an adventure? Well, we can tell you one thing: We do! And since we can’t exactly leave tonight, we decided to live vicariously through Shawn Hook.

If you’re following Shawn Hook on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve likely seen all the traveling he’s done lately. The GRAMMYs finished in LA and he was on the next flight out to London, England. However, Shawn wasn’t exactly in town to chill with the Queen and have a spot of tea.

Instead, Shawn did something a bit more like this:


Here’s what happens when a Canadian spends 24 hours in the UK!

STOP 1: An alley way so grunge & perfect, we’ve decided he stopped at Camden Market:

STOP 2: An outfit change + Shawn hit the Polydor Records roof top for a London-chic photo shoot:

STOP 3: A rendition of Sound of Your Heart at the lush, Bush Hall:

STOP 4: Shawn needed to mark his territory in lucky London & Vevo UK is where that happened:

We can’t lie, we’re a litttttttle bit jealous of Shawn Hook‘s unreal day in London. Until we can pack our own bags for a little adventure, we’re just going to relapse on this blog post. Get it? Get it?

Here’s a hint: