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Metric’s Emily Haines Brings Rock N Roll to her RUDSAK Collaboration

Posted on March 16, 2016

Inspired by her own on-the-go rock n’ roll lifestyle, Emily Haines, lead singer of Metric, designed an exclusive RUDSAK leather jacket for the free spirit who refuses to be burdened by conventions. Clean blazer-style lines are amplified by daring details — metallic champagne-tinted leather lining, long tassel trim, embossed rock emblems and sheer chiffon panels that add movement and fluidity.

We’re entirely obsessed with the fabulous work that Haines has done with the Montreal based RUDSAK team. The collaboration shines with an aura of passion that has us addicted at first glance. Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak As Haines states in the video, some of the values that parallel both Metric‘s beliefs as well as RUDSAK‘s, are: craftsmanship, quality, timelessness, care – attention to detail. It’s evident that these were taken into account when Haines was picking out designs for this special piece. Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak With an initial theme of waves – and a side of rock star of course, we think the final piece is flawless:

Haines’ hope for the piece (that we love) is to: get into so many adventures and so much trouble wearing this thing – and it’s like the kind of piece of clothing that you could beat up and have with you for 20 years, and you’ll remember and hopefully you did wander wild and free. Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak With a champagne metallic leather interior, long tassel trim and embossed rock emblems this jacket defines rock star chic – just like Emily Haines herself. Our favourite part though? Emily-Haines-Metric-Rudsak The secret stitched into the waistcoat: a, detachable clutch securing everything you need for a night out. How perfect is that? It’s genius! Purchase Haines RUDSAK design, here