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James Corden Crashes Troye Sivan's 'Youth' House Party

Posted on March 29, 2016

With “Youth” Hitting the top 25 on the U.S. Billboard charts Troye Sivan took his talents to The Late Late Show With James Corden. The Australian singer was a full on guest too; not only did he sit down for an interview, but he also joined Corden for a hilarious sketch, followed by a performance!

First, Troye Sivan sat down with Corden to discuss his past. Turns out he was quite the ladies man when he was 4! He also tells a touching story about helping a young fan come out to her mum, in the crowd of one of his live shows. Yay Troye!

Curious about the fab nail polish Troye has on during his interview? You bet James Corden got him a professional mani before the show…quite a personal one too:

If you’ve seen the music video for “Youth,” you know Troye Sivan throws some house parties that you don’t want to miss! But what happens when Corden tries to shut down an actual Troye Sivan house party? It’s pretty hysterical:

Is there anything that Troye can’t do?? We can totally imagine him in a film after that. Right?!

Then, to finish off the hat-trick, Troye kills his “Youth” performance on The Late Late Show:

Did we mention that Troye being on the show was a rumour that became true? OR as Troye calls it, a “tromour” – we love it 🙂

Love what you heard above? Stream or Download Troye Sivan‘s debut album Blue Neighbourhood here: