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Meet The Tide: The Group That Formed Thanks to YouTube

Posted on March 29, 2016

Who are The Tide? Allow us to introduce you to the latest boy band from LA, California 🙂 Austin Corini: Lead Vocals (Rumour has it that he was on X Factor once)

Drew Dirksen: Lead Guitar & Vocals

About to start our live stream for #younglovelive on Facebook !

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Levi Jones: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

bed head

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Nate Parker: Drums & Backing Vocals

Picture taken by the amazing @clairerothstein #YoungLove

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The boys are originally from various parts of the United States, and found each other on YouTube! How cool is that? The band started through a secret project launched by The Vamps, and were officially formed in February of 2015. It was then announced that only had they signed to The Vamps Virgin/EMI/Universal label, but also that they would be touring on The Vamps World Tour 2015!!! So it’s been quite a year for The Tide & we’re so excited to announce that  that their debut single “Young Love,” is here. Not only can you get it for free now right now on their website, but it also comes with a video! Music to our ears, quite literally. Watch it now:

Ps: you have to see their hysterical instagram videos:

I won

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Baby prune face

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Morning serenades

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Got him #1yearofthetide

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