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Coachella: Day 1, 2 & 3 | An Instagram Recap (2016)

Posted on April 18, 2016

Photo Courtesy of @coachella Instagram

As soon as that iconic ferris wheel started appearing in our instagram feed – we knew what it meant: Coachella 2016 had officially begun. Two weekends in the palm spring desert full of music, fashion, and yup you guessed it, FOMO for anyone not in attendance.


Have no fear, you’re not alone in wishing you were at Coachella. In fact, a popular hashtag has been circulating for quote a while, to help unite those who are spending the weekend somewhere else. Have you seen #NOchella pop up anywhere online? We know we’ve been using it! Anyways, no need to sulk in the sad sad reality that we just aren’t having the time of our lives in a cool outfit with celebs!! Why you ask? Cause we’ve got an Instagram recap that’ll make you think you were there. Check it!

Taylor Swift

She dyed her hair, rocked some indie looks, maintained her #SquadGoals, pairing up with Lorde all weekend, and then ended the third day with Rihanna. Yes – we are a little jealous (or a lot).


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?

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I'll NEVER forget this moment. @badgalriri @calvinharris #coachella

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Alessia Cara

She didn’t explicitly write that she was at Coachella, but once we saw that ferris wheel & “day 3” we just knew! Alessia Cara had a dream to perform at the popular music festival, and she successfully lived that out. You go girl 🙂

pretty trees ft. the ferris wheel we have yet to experience

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day 3

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another cool one. thanks to whoever took this also

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All we have to say, is these 4 know how to party in style…they arrived on a helicopter. Casual AF.

Coachella – we have arrived! Thank you @flyblade for making it happen! #flyblade

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Her instagram caption before hitting the desert told us instantly that Coachella was going to rock for this indie queen!

I just signed my record deal. We celebrated by buying a hotel room in a place in Greenwich with a pool so we could swim. We were so used to being hungry and tired and sick and sad and things finally seemed like they were looking up for us. And now you’re here with me in the desert and I’m playing coachella and we’re gonna pop the most expensive bottles of champagne we can find just because we fucking can. Love you guys. @paytonselzer @paigeleeselzer