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Tor Miller | The Velvet Underground | April 2016

Posted on April 18, 2016

It’s become tradition that whenever Tor Miller is in TORonto that he play a show. As he said himself, “My name fits perfectly inside your city,” and we have to admit we’re so glad it does!

While Tor was scheduled to open for Aurora at their sold out Velvet Underground show on April 15th, Aurora sadly was too sick, and without a voice, to perform. Non-the-less, the entire evening was not canceled. After Tor took over our snapchat during the day, letting us know that it was a bit of a mission to get through the border, his band was ready to get their show on when they hit Toronto.

And what a show it was! Tor took the stage at 10pm and had everyone on their toes for at least an hour. Singing his popular “Carter and Cash,” “Hold The Phone,” “Headlights” and a few new tunes we have yet to hear, Tor might have planned to open – but my goodness, this was a headline show!