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Nick Jonas Is Taking A "Chainsaw" To The Sofa In His Latest Video

Posted on May 13, 2016

The latest song, “Chainsaw,” off Last Year Was Complicatedthe upcoming album from Nick Jonas has been released – and you bet it comes with a video!

Nick has stated that his album is about what he’s called the most meaningful relationship he’s ever been in (Out Magazine). And evidently, as the lyrics and video for “Chainsaw replicate, about the heaviness and hardships that come with ending such a  meaningful relationship.

Nick walking around the empty house, where he once lived with his girlfriend builds up emotions for the former Jonas Brother. So much so that he’s ready to take a chainsaw to the couch, break the china, and take a lighter to the mattress. We can relate, nick 🙁  What a powerful song + video.

Listen to “Chainsaw” here, until the release of Last Year Was Complicated — out June 10.