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2016 Bestival Recap: Tame Impala, Daughter & Grimes

Posted on June 13, 2016

We take festival season seriously here at umusic! What’s better than an outdoor show? An ALL DAY outdoor show featuring not only music magic, but the craziest food, the most original fashion, and things like an inflatable church, a giant sized elephant statue on stage, and yes – an original (and usually giant sized) festival sign.

In between getting henna tattoos & glitter roots, we made sure we saw three of our fave acts:  Tame Impala, Daughter, and Grimes. Here’s how their Bestival sets went down:


While their name says “tame,” their live performance was far from it. Instead the psychedelic rock band, hailing from Perth Australia, brought their psychedelic title into action, hypnotizing the Bestival audience into one big dance party with not only their incredible live performance, but also their mesmerizing graphics as a backdrop. 



The band also made the crowd laugh when they stopped their set to say this was the best weather they’ve ever experienced in any of their time in Canada. Lead singer Kevin Parker said “We didn’t know it got this hot here.” We’re glad we could impress you, Tame Impala!


If you’re a fan of this indie folk band, you’ll know that their music brings on the 100% deep feels. What do we mean by this? Basically, their raw lyrics meshed together with singer, Elena Tonra’s haunting vocals, leave you unsure if you want to smile or cry – in the best way possible. Daughter brought their London vibes to the Bestival stage + it gave us the perfect chance to mellow out and unwind in all the festival madness.




If you’re the type of festival-goer that wants to get their dance on, we certainly hope you were at Grimes Bestival set! With dancers to start the party, and her angelic voice meeting gnarly growls, Grimes brought it to the Bestival crowd. While the Canadian artist and producer claimed she had a nasty cold, we don’t think we would have noticed if she didn’t mention it – her stage presence was amazing, adding a punch of energy into absolutely every note, percussion hit, and dance move. Did we mention she rapped in russian? This show will go down in our book of festival performances, no doubt!



Thanks for the great time Bestival 🙂 We can’t wait til next year!