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The 10 Phases Of Summer Vacation As Told By Nick Jonas GIFs

Posted on July 04, 2016

We couldn’t be more excited that it’s OFFICIALLY summer vacation!

Beaches, BBQs and best friends … we’re making sure the next two months are going to be the highlight of 2016.

It’s the time of year to get extra “close” to those you love, so why not bring our bae Nick Jonas into the mix?

We’re looking at the ten phases of summer vacay (yes, the good AND the bad) using our fave Jonas GIFs:

1. The chains of exams, studying and finals are FINALLY unshackled!


You’ve earned your freedom.

2. …And you get to sleep in!


(Throws alarm clock out window, runs downstairs, grabs alarm clock, runs upstairs, throws it out the window again)

3. Until your parents wake you up to start doing chores


(Nick Jonas cleaning tip: Throw chairs on their side to ensure every square inch of carpet is vacuumed)

4. First order of business: befriending someone with a pool!


New friends + no heat stroke = double win

5. …Or pretend your shower is your own personal waterfall.


A little imagination + DIY goes a long way.

6. Now it’s time to enjoy the sun before your summer job starts, because a work/life balance = major key


Oh hey, warm weather.

7. ‘Cuz that extra $$$ means sweet road trips + fun times all summer long.


Bonus points if Demi Lovato and James Corden are your passengers.

8. And then the looming back-to-school shopping happens…


Finding that first day back look = so tough

9. … And it’s time to reset your alarm back to an ungodly early hour.


No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

10. But TBH, you’re excited to see your friends all day every day (and some teachers, too!)


*fist bumps*

What are you planning to do with your summer? Let us know in the comments!

And make sure to give Nick’s latest album, Last Year Was Complicated, a listen below: