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10 Reasons Why We Need Arkells' Morning Report In Our Lives ASAP

Posted on July 26, 2016

Counting down to August 5 when we FINALLY get Arkells Morning Report has been, like, the hardest thing we’ve done all summer.

Seriously: it will be exactly two years since High Noon and we are SO so ready to have some new tunes from the Hamilton boys grace our ear drums.

To make the wait a touch less painful, we’re counting down the Top 10 reasons why the new Arkells album will make our lives complete!

10. They’ve worked with an incredible team

Gus Van Go, Joe Chiccarelli, and Tony Hoffer helped produced Morning Report. These guys have worked on projects by Elton John, U2, The Killers, Beck, and Depeche Mode, to name a few.


9. One of the songs is called “Drake’s Dad”

Yes, that Drake. You might recall the 6 God recruiting his old man for the “Worst Behaviour” video, and it looks like he’s an incredibly charming guy: when the Arkells were down in Tennessee, they had a run-in with the rap dad, and he left enough of an impression for the band to write a song about the experience!

“Drake’s Dad” will open Morning Report, so essentially it’s like the breaking news section… right? Give it a listen below:

And for a reminder, here’s Dennis “Senior Drizzy” Graham:

8. The new songs sound INCREDIBLE live

When we were at Wayhome 2016, the Arkells tore through songs from Morning Report such as “A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)” and “Private School”, and the crowd went BALLISTIC.

Here’s just a taste of how wild the crowd got:

7. They call it like it is

Also overheard at Wayhome: “I’ve been drinking some beet juice, that is disgusting, but should be good for me.”

This honesty will DEFINITELY coax out some brutally truthful lyrics on the album.

6. The album art is ridiculously cool


Half comic book, half newspaper; we’ll be hanging the sleeve on our wall ASAP.

And the vinyl inside? Half blue, half orange (and limited to 500 copies across the globe!) WHAT HEAVENLY MUSEUM DID YOU DESCEND FROM?!

5. They aren’t afraid to get their feet wet

Metaphorically speaking, Arkells have always been a band about taking musical risks, and they’ve always paid off.

Literally speaking, they’re willing to stand under a freakin’ RAIN MACHINE to make an incredibly cool music video:

4. They created their own private school

When “Private School” was unleashed, Arkells sent out THOUSANDS of School ID cards for ACVI – Arkells Collegiate Vocational Institute! Seriously, who does that?!

3. We’ve covered our ACVI lockers with their photos

When your band consists of five TOTAL babes, you’re bound to have a crush on at least one of them. Or all five of them. We ain’t complainin’!


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.18.53 PM

via Canadian Musician

2. They’re absolutely hilarious

Watching the behind-the-scenes footage of the “Private School” video shoot brings us so much joy. We have a feeling their carefree spirits will carry into the songs.

Also, THIS is how they announce new shows:

1. And the nicest guys on Earth

Like that time they played a backyard show for Jill Zitars, a fan going through chemo treatment. Read all about the incredible act of kindness on CBC.


Pre-order Arkells’ Morning Report here!