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Did You Know That About…Post Malone?

Posted on July 28, 2016

In celebration of the White Iverson himself, Post Malone, performing at Osheaga on July 30th, as well as VELD Music Festival in Toronto on July 31st, we thought we’d bring you 10 facts you may not know about the multi-talented artist. Since his release of the hit single “White Iverson” last year, Post Malone has been on the road to complete superstardom, signing a deal with Republic records, as well as opening up for the Biebs on his Purpose Tour

Here are 10 things that you probably don’t know about Post Malone!

  1. His birth name is Austin Richard Post. He credits the “Post” in his name to his last name, but says that he “just thought of” Malone
  2. He is only 21… yes that means he’s a ’95 baby – that fact shocked us!
  3. Malone originally started off playing the guitar and auditioning to be in bands in his hometown, Dallas, Texas
  4. The popular game “Guitar Hero” inspired him to first start learning hoe to play guitar
  5. He also produces alongside rapping and playing instruments, having co-produced most of his music
  6. His father brought him up on many different genres, including country, which is why you may hear some country/rock inspired tunes by the artist
  7. Post Malone dropped out of college after only 3 months to pursue music
  8. He’s worked with heavy hitters such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Gucci Mane
  9. He attended Kylie Jenner’s birthday party – where do we get an invite??
  10. He’s joked about himself being a “one hit wonder,” however, after millions of streams on multiple tracks, a mixtape release, and an album coming out, we know that he is anything but a one hit wonder!

There you are..10 facts about Post Malone! Don’t forget to watch him perform at Osheaga on July 30th from 5:40-6:25, and at Veld Music Festival on July 31st from 5:30-6:10. We’re sure it’ll be….Saucin’!!! 😉