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UMUSIC X Osheaga – Day 3 Recap!

Posted on August 01, 2016

It’s always a little bit emotional when you walk into the final day of a music festival. Something about knowing it’s the last day and that every moment you’re there is one of the last, is super sad. However, at the same time it’s the last day! This is when you need to see all your fave bands, get all the free samples (no one judge you holding that free razor, cause they probably have one in their bag too), and try all those final food trucks. Here’s how our final day of Osheaga looked:

We started the day with SonReal – who was genuinely incredible. Not only was his crowd so full, for the first set of the day, but with his energy you would have never known what time it was! Wearing all white, you could actually see the stage marks on his clothes from rocking out so hard. He was not afraid to get down and dirty, quite literally.

He stopped by to say what’s up after his set:


Next up we headed to BØRNS. We recently saw him perform and Wayhome, which was fantastic, and we were so looking forward to another whimsical set. Walking out on stage with an open blouse, metallic nails, and bright orange socks – we knew we were in for a treat. It might have been boiling hot in the crowd, but that didn’t keep people from singing and dancing along with his opener, “Seeing Stars.


We met up with The Strumbellas before they took the stage, and had too much fun.


Simon took to our snapchat to give y’all a free gun show. Too funny!

When they took the stage later that afternoon, it was a legit party. People in the crowd were chanting their names and majorly dancing and singing along to every song off Hope. If there’s one thing we can say about Canadian fans, it’s that they don’t leave their bands hanging. We had such a good time with everyone during The Strumbellas set 🙂


Talking about a good time – we need to highlight Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. Although we recently saw the band at Wayhome, we could not miss their set. With a full band – and we mean full (think: saxophone, trumpet, tambourine, drums, and more), these guys define what it means to see a live show. Not only are they excellent at what they play, but they’ve got the moves, and really make the audience want to get off their feet.

FUN FACT: At one point during their set, Nathaniel took $250 out of his pocket and straight up paid the festival bar tender to give the crowd some beers. Now THAT is something we wish happened at every show.


When the evening starts to approach, it’s easy to sit down and get lost in relaxation. However, when you know Allie X is playing nearby, relaxation is not an option. We’re so happy we got to see Allie X perform! Not only did she bring it in the glam department – her outfit was ON POINT, but her vocal range and abilities absolutely blew us away!

Allie X’s Osheaga set also proved that her fans are dedicated. Not only was the audience packed – while at the same time, the last festival headliner opened a different stage, but there were also international fans in the audience from Brazil. So cool!


As we mentioned, Day 3 is the final Osheaga day. So what else did we do, that we just had to cross off our festival list? The biggest thing, that we’ve been looking forward to since last Osheaga, was pizza cones! WTF are those? They’re exactly how they sound: pizza, in a cone form. There was even a Nutella version this year…are you drooling yet? Here’s a visual:


After we ate the pizza cones, we ran over to check out the VANS tent. There was a full on halfpipe where skateboarders were doing skate shows for the festival crowds. The coolest thing we saw? One skateboarder did a load of tricks while also playing the harmonica. Talk about impressive!

We had such a killer time at Osheaga 2016. The heat was heavy and the days were long, but it was worth every second. 6 stages, numerous food trucks, and a million music fans all in one park – not a horrible way to spend your weekend 🙂

Stay tuned for our official Osheaga 2016 Vlog, coming soon to a screen near you!