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WATCH: The Lumineers "Angela" Music Video – A Folllow Up To Cleopatra

Posted on September 13, 2016

A follow up to “Cleopatra,” The Lumineers release their new music video “Angela.”

Full of spirit, the video perfectly captures its lyrics, emulating each and every detail of the song – from the “Volvo lights lit up green and white,” to small town vacant hotel rooms.

Don’t worry, snippets of the band performing in a cozy living room are featured in between.


At the 1:16 mark, we see our young protagonist split into two selves. Perhaps a metaphor for her desire to escape and her need to stay.


As the video progresses, we go for an emotional ride, watching her relish in her new found freedom. But loneliness ensues and “Angela” returns home at last.

Or does she? Hmmmmmm.

Check it out and let us know what you think of The Lumineers latest, in the comments below!