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Have You Seen The Tide's "Click My Fingers" Video? Watch It Now!

Posted on September 14, 2016

If only we could click our fingers, and insert myself ourselves into this music video!

The Tide released their new video for “Click My Fingers” early this month, and it screams FUN.

Premise: the boys embrace their inner Ferris Bueller, ditching what appears to be a boring math class (we know the feels), for bigger thrills like rolling around in abandoned shopping carts, breaking into private property, and thrusting colouful powdered paint.

Side note: no matter how fun it looks, we are in no way encouraging you to skip a boring math class! Instead, you can watch the video and live vicariously through it, if you “want to live…”

The Tide Click My Fingers

But the thing we love most about this vid, is their unique and eccentric swag. We pulled some of our fav looks and featured them below:

Levi’s Happy Face Pullover

The Tides Click My Finger

Nate’s Cincinnati Jersey

The Tides Click My Finger

Drew’s Maui and Sons Tank

The Tides Click My Finger

Austin’s Maroon Varsity Cardigan

The Tides Click My Finger
(ok this one is custom made, but hey we’re close!).

So if you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below and let us know some of your fav looks in the comments below:

The Tide – “Click My Fingers” –