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BØRNS "American Money" Video Has Us Living In A Dream

Posted on September 15, 2016

The lyrics “paradise in your eyes,” perfectly explain the brand new “American Money” video from indie pop artist, BØRNS.

When you press play on any one of BØRNS songs, the lyrics instantly create an image in your mind. What do we mean? Take a peek at these lyrics; we guarantee you create some kind of visual:

“I was there when you fell from the clouds, and landed in the desert”

“Like a stallion racing the rain, you rode on the back of my bike”

“There was a highway inside of her eyes”

“Take me to the paradise in your eyes, green like American Money”

Now, here’s what BØRNS created from those exact lyrics:





How perfect are the matching visuals? A gorgeous video, paired with equally beautiful lyrics.

Add “American Money” by BØRNS to your collection, here: