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Troye Sivan Slays with #WeAllCan Campaign

Posted on September 19, 2016

Get your pens and pads out. #WeAllCan learn a thing about confidence from Troye Sivan.

Troye has always been unapologetic with his fashion, experimenting with clothes and makeup. I mean, he has an entire Tumblr page dedicated to his style. In addition, he was recently featured on the cover of V Magazine, and he’s about to sparkle on the upcoming issue of Coup De Main.

Troye #WeAllCan

So it’s no wonder he teamed up with American Eagle for their #WeAllCan campaign, to “celebrate the power and influence of Young American Millennials and their need to express their individuality and be heard”. They hope to “encourage Young America to follow their passion, express their individuality, and pursue their unique path,” said the company’s Global Brand President, Chad Kessler.

Troye #WeAllCan

Troye, along with pal Hailee Stenfield each came up with their own slogans to capture the essence of both themselves and the campaign. Troye’s beautiful “I can love anyone” slogan turns the out-and-proud singer into a new poster boy for sexual fluidity.”

To see Troye Sivans full #WeAllCan spot (and treat your eyes to some sweet eye-candy), check it out here: