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What We Know So Far About DNCE's New Album

Posted on September 27, 2016

With their self-titled debut album DNCE arriving on November 18th, we are super excited to see what the Joe Jonas fronted band has in store!

Here are a few things we anticipate to come from the record:

It’ll pump you up


Joe Jonas periodically tweets gym selfies and his workout progress. With all that adrenaline pumping, we’re sure the new album will reflect that same energy.

You’ll be floored


DNCE New Album

Earlier in Monterrey, Mexico, the band gave it their all. As you can see, Jin Joo goes hard on the guitar, delivering an earth-shattering performance. With that said, we’re certain the new album will knock your socks off.

Insights into Humankind


DNCE New Album

Looks like Cole Whittle has been doing some heavy reading. The album cover features him reading a book. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice the title of the book is “Humankind”. Could this be a hint towards some sort of progressive track?

Lovey-Dovey Anthems


Jack Lawless has been showing loads of affection for his bae all over Instagram. Perhaps the new album will feature some romantic up-beat ballads, inspired by Jack’s number one lady.

One thing we know FOR SURE, is the new album will feature “Body Moves” which will be released by the end of this week!

In the meanwhile, re-visit their hit single “Toothbrush” and let us know what YOU think the new album will entail in the comments below: