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Banks Releases New Track: "To The Hilt"

Posted on September 28, 2016

BANKS is back with the best yet. “To The Hilt” is BANKS‘s fourth song to be released off her second album, The Altarset to release on September 30,2016!

After getting tied up in “Gemini Feed,” and “F*** with Myself,” “To The Hilt” frees us into a whole new world.


In an interview with SBTM BANKS said “It is special to me, that song. It’s sacred to me. It just feels… [pause] It felt like it needed to be the last thing you heard from me. It’s a bit gentle. It also doesn’t fit in between songs. It needs space because it’s so emotional. It needs time to breathe and to be digested”.

Even though she’s no stranger to heart-break anthems, this song is unique in that it describes a very interesting relationship. Here’s a look at the chorus:

“Hated you for leavin’ me,
You were my muse for so long,
Now I’m drained creatively,
I miss you on my team”

The dynamic between the singer and her ex, surrounds more than just romance and is inspired by their shared creativity. In terms of sound, it’s definitely more somber than her other tracks.

The Altar is set to release September 30th. Check out “To The Hilt” for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below: