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It's National Coffee Day and We're Celebrating with Your Fave Artists!

Posted on September 29, 2016

Ok so it’s National Coffee Day and we’re a little jittery. So we decided to take coffee orders on behalf of some of our favourite artists. Turns out there’s a lot of different ways to drink coffee! Find out about all the ways they dress their cup of joe below:


Max from Arkells like his coffee local:

“When I’m home, there are many great coffee spots in Hamilton I frequent. Smalls, St, James and Mulberry are great when I’m on a James Street North stroll. But if I want to get some work done, I head 20 feet away from my front door to Pinecone Coffee. Great staff and space. It’s small but not cramped. It’s close enough to my house that if I forget something I can leave my laptop unattended and run home. As far as coffee goes, I keep it simple. Drip coffee with milk. I’m no fancy boy. I’m in it for the caffeine coursing though my veins.”

Perhaps those cafe experiences brewed up some inspo for their song “Coffee”:

Tor Miller

Indie-pop singer Tor Miller might be sweet on the outside, but his coffee – not so much. He shared his bitter order on our episode of This or That:

James Barker Band

The boys of James Barker Band might share a recording studio, but they certainly do not share the same pot of coffee:

Bobby: “I like my coffee how I like my dierks album ! Black!”

Taylor: “I’m a white hot chocolate with a chai tea bag for T (that’s me) – it tastes like Christmas in your mouth!!”

Connor: “Medium double double from Timmies…ordinary.”

James: “Just Black Coffee!”

National Coffee Day
Is it too late now to drink coffee?


Catching up with Meg and Josh from Repartee we found out:

Meg prefers : light roast with a bitta milk is my fave

While Josh sticks to his morning ritual: I have an americano black with sugar every morning!

Dean Brody

Dean keeps it nice and simple: “1 cream 2 sugar”

Madeline Merlo

Madeline gives her coffee a unique twist: “I take my coffee with coconut milk and a little bit of cinnamon!”

National Coffee Day

Tim Hicks

Tim said he now prefers a: “Regular, one cream, one sugar. Used to be a double-double guy, but had to cut it back ;)”

Nikki Yanofsky

Jazz-pop princess Nikki Yanofsky keeps prefers the taste of an: “Almond Milk Latte”

National Coffee Day
I prefer grande.

Sssssssoooooooooo there you have it (okay, no more caffeine for us). Now we’d like to know, how do you take your coffee? Share with us by commenting below: