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Illuminate Toronto With Shawn Mendes… Aka The Best Night Of Our Life (RECAP)

Posted on October 03, 2016

When we first heard Shawn Mendes was playing The Great Hall in Toronto, we thought it might be a typo. The last time we saw Shawn live was at a sold out Air Canada Centre!!

But boy are we glad this wasn’t a mistake. Illuminate Toronto took place on October 2, 2016 and was a chance for fans to celebrate Shawn Mendes’ sophomore album, Illuminate, in a very intimate way in his hometown! But, you had to win your way in! That’s where we saw the dedication begin. Fans were willing to do pretty much anything to get into the small room. This included: spending the night in downtown Toronto to be first in a pop up store line, skipping school – we don’t condone it!!! 😉 , creating videos and art.

We’ve seen fans before, but Mendes fans are more than a fandom, they are a dedicated army!

So what happened when Illuminate Toronto arrived? We woke up feeling butterflies in our tummy, realizing that today was the day we would be in the same room as Shawn Mendes.

While we were sleeping though, fans had already taken to Queen West in Toronto. They were 100% prepared to be first in line, and front row in that mosh pit with their numero uno!

After counting down the moments, the fans were let into The Great Hall and all their dreams came true. Shawn of course started the show with his first ever single, which captured the night wonderfully: Something Big

He then went into some of the hit songs off of Illuminate, including “Three Empty Words,” “Ruin,

Lights On

Treat You Better

Mercy and a few more!

Shawn was so impressed with how loud the crowd was singing, and that they knew every single word! Every time he smiled, our hearts grew a little bit bigger ❤️


To cap the night off, Shawn sat down at the lit up piano to play “Life of The Party” and “Stitches.” He looked into the crowd and reminded them that this was still new for him!! But, I think we can all agree that he still played like an absolute pro.


It was crazy how fast the 45 minute set went! However, there wasn’t a moment we weren’t entirely beaming. Re-live the magic a little bit more, with the photos we captured of Shawn on the Illuminate Toronto stage:




A huge shout out to Shawn Mendes, as well as his dedicated and fantastic fans, who made the night one to remember. Shawn told the crowd that The Great Hall was where it all started for him. It was where he met his band for the first time pre-MMVAs and where they formed what we all know and love today. How crazy to be having a celebration of his sophomore album in the exact same place? We’re so honoured to have been a part of it 🙂