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WATCH: Alx Veliz "U+Me" Video

Posted on October 06, 2016

Alx Veliz released a powerful video for the 2nd single off his EP Love Has No Language, “U+Me.

Alx takes us to the streets, in the midst of a very passionate protest.


So what exactly are people fighting for? The answer is: “U+Me.”

“Love Wins”, “I Believe in Love”, and “Love Everything” are just a few of the signs we see the young rebels waving.


But no violence here. The Dancing Kizomba king keeps the rhythm alive. The protest is quickly paired with choreographed dancing, by this insanely animated dance duo:


Alx sure has us believing in love.

To find out if people share his beliefs, Alx went to a different set of streets. Interviewing people across the 6, where he asked “Do you believe in love?” Here’s what he found:

Do you believe in love? Get inspired by the video and let us know in the comments below:

“U+Me” – Alx Veliz