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James Blake Stuns Crowd With Haunting Performance

Posted on October 08, 2016

We’re completely speechless after witnessing James Blake live… so please bear with us!

The British crooner stunned us at Toronto’s Massey Hall with a minimal set-up that packed one gigantic punch.

Blake was joined by his drummer and guitarist… and that was it. The three-piece performed all of the electronic elements of his indie/R&B/post-dubstep blend and it was truly a sight to behold.

No laptops. No lip-synching. No pre-made loops. This was a performance that relied purely on the strength of musicianship.

Highlights included “Limit To Your Love”–the dense bass shook the venue and rattled our seats.

“I Need A Forest Fire” highlighted Blake’s vocal range and had the three members in perfect unison.

“Retrograde” closed out the set, but not before its pulsing synthesizers levitated the crowd to its feet.

But that wasn’t all: a true crowd-pleasing moment came when Blake returned for the encore. His Joni Mitchell cover of “A Case Of You” drew wild applause when the lyric “I drew a map of Canada Oh, Canada With your face sketched on it twice.” It was a hometown nod that didn’t go unnoticed!

If you missed Blake on tour, make sure to check out his latest album, The Colour In Anything, below:

James Blake – The Colour In Anything