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It's Here! – The Weeknd Drops New Vid For "False Alarm"

Posted on October 13, 2016

Don’t worry, this is NOT a false alarm (see what we did there). We have been patiently waiting for this moment and it has arrived just in time for the weekend (wow, we’re on fire today). All jokes aside, The Weeknd has just dropped a new vid for his second single, “False Alarm” and it is a MUST WATCH.

The entire vid is filmed from the perspective of the first person, which allows the viewer to be fully emerged in the story. Here we follow a group of bank robbers and how they attempt to flee the scene of the crime, while taking a hostage with them.

Filled with plenty of action and grit, we never really know who this video is revolving around.

Plot twist, it was Abel the whole time!!

False Alarm was just released on September 29th as the second single off his new album, Starboy & the album itself is set to release November 25th.

Before destroying the replay button on this new music vid, we had kept ourselves busy with The Weeknd’s stellar SNL performances.

Let us know what you think about the False Alarm vid in the comments below.